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About Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho, is one of the favorite neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, to meet friends, or walk. By day, to enjoy a brunch, a lunch, a snack, or do shopping, buy handicrafts, or go through the latest trends in fashion and design.

At night, bars, discos, restaurants, breweries, patios, and terraces, concentrate much of the nightlife of Buenos Aires. During the week, Palermo Soho has a very quiet atmosphere. It is possible to hear the song of the birds as we walk through its cobbled, tree-lined streets.

At sunset, the atmosphere becomes more lively, as it is one of the favorite places to do after office. At night, and especially on weekends, it gets crowded.
If you plan on dinner, it is convenient to book before, because once there, it could be difficult to get a place.